Seventy for 70

70 speakers from Israel are flying to 70 communities around the country in honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut 70! Shabbat Parshat Shemini, April 13-14, 2018
ארץ ישראל
לעם ישראל
על פי תורת ישראל


The Land of Israel
For the People of Israel
According to the Torah of Israel

Seventy for 70

Scholar-in-Residence Shabbaton before Yom Ha’atzmaut, Shabbat Parashat Shemini, April 13-14, 2018.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

70th Anniversary Yom HaAtzmaut Celebration in Israel

The American Branch of the World Mizrachi - Hapoel HaMizrachi Movement

An ideological and education organization that aims to instill in the American Jewish community a commitment to Religious Zionism
World Mizrachi
Bnei Akiva
Camp Moshava
Torah Mitzion