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Scarsdale, NY Event with Professor Alan Dershowitz

Los Angeles Shabbaton With Rabbi Hier

Stayin' Alive Comedy Show in Chicago, IL

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement which advocates the delegitimization of Israel, together with media bias and a general misrepresentation of Israel is being fought with various quality educational initiatives and fact-based programs. Yet the battle is far from over. Stayin’ Alive is all about finding a new, effective response. With the encouragement of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, World Mizrachi produced a unique hard-hitting show. Developed by some of Israel’s top comedy writers, it helps set the record straight, utilizing satire, humor and music to explain Israel’s point of view. Mizrachi is proud to present this relevant, uplifting and entertaining satirical show to the Chicago community to shine the glaring light of satire on the BDS misleading comparisons and deceptive assertions.


Reshit Zemichat Geulatenu? Teaneck Presentation, Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schachter