Yom HaAtzmaut 70 Years



After receiving nearly 150 beautiful pieces of art, the winners from each division have been chosen! The divisions are: elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Congratulations to our nine winners and thank you to all the students who participated!

Elementary School:

First Place: Boaz Stopek

Third Grade

Second Place: Gabrielle Brown

Third Grade

Third Place: Tani Kraft

Third Grade

Middle School:

First Place: Bracha Poyurs

Eighth Grade

Second Place: Chaya Sternbach

Sixth Grade

Third Place: Liad Gross

Sixth Grade

High School:

First Place: Shayna Helene Vadnai

Tenth Grade

Second Place: Jessica Klein & Lizzy Zucker

Tenth Grade

Third Place: Sruli Fruchter

Eleventh Grade