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We are pleased to introduce a media resource section for our RZA-Mizrachi website! This section is meant to provide helpful resources for Israel related news, media, and advocacy, as well as Torah resources.

Please take a moment to see what’s there. Kindly let us know if there are additional sites that we should add to this list.

Many thanks to RZA Aryeh Fellow Alex Sachs for preparing this section.

We are pleaseed to introduce a media resource section! This section is meant to provide helpful resources for Israel related news, media, and advocacy, as well as Torah resources. Kindly let us know if there are additional sites that we should add to this list. Many thanks to RZA Aryeh Fellow Alex Sachs for preparing this section. 

All information contained on these sites represents the views of the creators/owners of those sites, and not of RZA-Mizrachi. They are provided as a service to help discover Jewish and Religious Zionist information on the internet. 

News Resources to Follow:

  • Cleveland Jewish News  
  • Daily Alert   
  • i24News – Located within Jaffa, using this link you can access I24News’s news articles and television segments in English, French, and Arabic.
  • IsraelAM – Sign up for a daily email filled with all news Israel. Think of it as a ‘Skimm’ but for Israel related news.
  • Israel Nation News  – The online module for Arutz Sheva, the site may seem busy with all its ads but it’s still a valuable news source with constantly updated material with a focus on issues within Israel specifically within Jewish Communities. Also, listen in to their many radio shows.
  • JNS – A organization covering news relating to Israel and all Jewish communities around the world.
  • United with Israel – With over four million subscribers, united with Israel offers a breath of fresh air in terms of updated news and opportunities for activism.
  • JPost – The online portal for the Jerusalem Post is a premier outlet for the latest on news affecting Israel.
  • The Five Towns Jewish Times Israel Section
  • The Jewish Press 
  • The Times of Israel  
  • The Yeshiva World
  • Ynetnews 

Novel Israel Sites:

  • Explore Israel’s Trails  – Visit many of Israel’s trails in stunning 360 degree crisp experience courtesy of google’s ‘street view’.
  • Kotel Cam – Get a live peak at the Kotel (Western Wall) with Aish’s Kotel (Western Wall) Camera. Fun Tip: Tell friends and family visiting to call when at the Kotel and see if you can spot them with the Kotel Cam.

Torah Websites:

Activism/Activist News: 

  • AIPAC  – One of the most accomplished organizations in assisting Israel. The pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC has been instrumental in helping foster and maintain the illustrious relationship both the U.S. and Israel have between each other. Visit the site for ways to get involved including many events and even trips to meet with senators and legislators to promote Israel causes.
  • CAMERA – An accomplished watchdog which keeps an eye on and reports on every instance of skewed and anti- Israel media reports from all the major media organizations including but not limited to The New York Times, AP, Reuters, CNN and even notably Israel-friendly news sources such as Fox News and Jerusalem Post. Everyday check for updates on news titles and stories that are biased and which ones were corrected based on Camera’s watchful eye.
  • OU Advocacy 
  • Palastinian Media Watch 
  • Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on the BDS Movement 
  • Stand With Us  – Their mission is simple, to support Israel through education in an enjoyable to understand medium. The organization has an active Facebook page (highly recommend to follow) which along with their website posts updates on all things Israel including what’s happening with the BDS movements and Israel’s view on campus within the U.S.
  • They also have a link with easy to understand fact sheets and brochures which can be ordered or downloaded, as well as PDF’S to be printed.
  • The David Project  
  • UN Watch  

Children’s Programming:

Business Related Websites:

  • Globes  – Israel’s premier business newspaper/online news site.

News Direct to Email:

Subscribe for daily and/or weekly emails filled with Israel & Jewish news.

  • Daily Alert – The most comprehensive daily Israel news in partnership with the ‘Conference of Presidents’ & JCPA
  • IsraelAM – Follow this link and enter your email to get Daily Israel Emails from sources including but not limited to, NRG, JPOST, JTA, REUTERS, AP, CHANNEL 2 NEWS.
  • Jewish Press  – Sign up with your email to get the JewishExpress newsletter from the JewishPress

Israel Charities:

  • American Friends of Magen David Adom – The EMT’S, Medics from Magen David Adom respond when terror strikes and in all cases that warrant emergency medical care, they rely on generous donations from there friends in the U.S. for life saving medical equipment.
  • Amit Children – AMIT enables Israel’s youth to realize their potential and strengthens Israeli society by educating and nurturing children from diverse backgrounds within a framework of academic excellence, Jewish values and Zionist ideals. Founded in 1925, AMIT operates 110 schools, youth villages, surrogate family residences and other programs, constituting Israel’s only government-recognized network of religious Jewish education incorporating academic and technological studies. – (Source: Amit)
  • Friends of the IDF
  • JNF  – This organization has been building Israel tree by tree.
  • One Family Together – OneFamily is the family of Israel’s victims of terror attacks – those who have been bereaved, those who have been maimed, and those suffering from post-trauma as a result of terrorist attacks since 2001. Israel’s victims of terror attacks ARE OneFamily. We are the premier national organization that rehabilitates, reintegrates and rebuilds the lives of Israel’s thousands of victims of terror attacks. OneFamily is a unique family of professionals, volunteers, supporters and victims – bereaved, maimed and traumatized – young and old – Jews and non-Jews. OneFamily is a non-profit organization recognized in Israel, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. OneFamily empowers victims of terror to rebuild their lives, rehabilitate and reintegrate through emotional, legal, and financial assistance programs geared toward each of the following: Orphans, Bereaved Parents, Parents of Injured Children, Widows and Widowers, Young Adults, and Youth Injured and Bereaved. (onefamilytogethor)  
  • Shalva – Shalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities is dedicated to providing transformative care for individuals with disabilities, empowering their families and promoting social inclusion. Non-denominational and free of charge, Shalva’s programs provide an all-encompassing range of services for hundreds of individuals from infancy to adulthood. Additionally, Shalva supports and enables families to raise their children with disabilities within the family framework. Through nearly three decades of award-winning programs, Shalva partners with government, academic and philanthropic institutions in advocacy efforts to create a more inclusive society.
  • Yad Eliezer – Yad Elizer is Israeles Largest Poverty relief organization – this organization provides for our Jewish siblings in so many ways, job training, food for the needy, medical care for our needy Jewish siblings. This is one of the most important chairities, latterly helping to feed those without money to purchase food.
  • Zichron Menachem  

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